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Kiawah Island Hardwood Floor Resurfacing Done Right

When it comes to something as expensive as a hardwood floor, you need to take care of it the right way. Unfortunately, scratches and scuffs are inevitable no matter how well you maintain your wood floor. Luckily, the team here at Fabulous Floors Charleston offers a more affordable way to take care of that damage. Our hardwood floor resurfacing service we offer here in Kiawah Island removes minor scratches and other damage for a starting price of just $0.99 per sq/ft. Plus it can be done in less than one to two days on average. Give us a call today to resurface your wood floor in Kiawah Island, SC today!

Hardwood floor resurfacing in Kiawah Island, SC
a refinished kitchen floor

Why You Might Need to Refinish Your Wood Floor

Our wood floor resurfacing process is perfect for removing minor signs of damage. This includes light scratches and some scuffs. However, if your floor is warping, has deep scratches, or has other clear signs of wear and tear then you’ll need to refinish your wood floor. Although this is a bit more expensive, it is still significantly more affordable than a complete hardwood floor replacement. If you have questions about whether or not your floor qualifies for our Kiawah Island wood floor resurfacing service, give us a call. The whole team here at Fabulous Floors Charleston has plenty of experience evaluating wood flooring and can give you a quick and honest answer.


Benefits of Our Kiawah Island Hardwood Floor Resurfacing Process Include:

  1. Instant value to your home. This will be a great selling point if/when you decide to move.
  2. Relieving the stress of living with worn-out hardwood floors. You’ll never have to settle for less again!
  3. A longer-lasting finish. Choose between gloss, semi-gloss, or satin polyurethane.
  4. Protection of your floors against foot traffic and keeping them cleaner longer with a quality sealing coat.
  5. Prevention of allergens. Our process is dust-free, meaning there is no mess or airborne dust particles during or after our hardwood floor resurfacing service.
  6. Removal of minor scratches from your floors by sanding, without damaging the wood.
  7. Fast completion time. Most Fabulous Floors Charleston resurfacing treatments are completed within hours.
  8. Ability to get back to your life quickly. There is absolutely nothing to clean up after we leave.
  9. Restoration of your peace of mind. We do all of the hardwood resurfacing work, saving you from doing it yourself.
  10. Pricing that fits within your budget. Hardwood resurfacing saves you money, especially compared to traditional refinishing.


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